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About Us

P.S. Equities, Inc. specializes in developing high-quality, multi-family, affordable housing projects that enhance communities. 

Sixteen plus years in the affordable housing industry have produced more than thirty housing projects in Michigan.

Whether developing a project as an owner or contracting as a consultant, we employ the same operating methods. 

During pre-construction, major development milestones from initial concept through site selection, feasibility, project underwriting and finance options, are achieved.  This includes coordinating the underwriting process, performing required due diligence and negotiating with syndicators. 

With construction underway we focus on the development’s progress,  draw accounting and coordinating with the management agent to ensure a smooth transition from construction to initial lease up.

To ensure that all milestones are met after construction is complete, we track the initial lease up process to the point of permanent mortgage final closing.

P.S. Equities, Inc.

Lloyds Bayou

Spring Lake, Michigan

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